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All About Copper Catalysts!

Hey everyone,

welcome to my July post!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been at my college for the past 8 weeks working in the lab on a research project (with the help of one of my chemistry professors). I’ve been synthesizing and experimenting with combinations of copper chlorides and two ligands, di-2-pyridyl ketone and 2,2′-dipyridylamine. Below, I’ve posted a video of my talk, which explains what I’ve been working on from the ground up…I hope the audio/video quality is sufficient*. This might be the closest I ever get to a TEDtalk : P

Go forth subscribers! Learn!

Also, the video can be enlarged if you view it on youtube. There’s a button in the lower right hand corner that will bring you to youtube.

*Also, big thanks to my mom for holding the camera. Also, also…I actually do have a crystal structure of the 1:2 Cu(I)Cl:dpK molecule now. The research lives on!

See (?) you in August.

-Ashley Baker





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